TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (TELUS EPP)

We've set up perks and discounts tailored to your workplace.


Join the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program (TELUS EPP)

We've partnered with workplaces and organizations across Canada to set up incredible savings.

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By clicking "SUBMIT", you consent to receiving messages regarding TELUS EPP offers through email or other electronic means. You can withdraw your consent to receive electronic messages from Communication Zone and TELUS at any time.

Orders placed on the Communication Zone online ordering portal will not be processed and cancelled unless eligible employment can be validated.

Frequently asked questions


How do i know if my workplace is eligible for the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program?

Fill out the form above to see if your company is eligible for the TELUS EPP.

Where can i find my TELUS Exclusive Partner Program offers?

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to access your TELUS EPP discounts and limited time offers.

Can I keep my phone number from a different mobile provider?

Yes. You can port your number over from a different service provider and become a new TELUS EPP customer.

I already have a TELUS consumer account. Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. You can keep your number and move from a Consumer plan to an EPP plan. A one-time $50 account migration fee applies. Additional fees and conditions may also apply.

I need help with the TELUS Exclusive Partner Program. How do i contact you?

Get support from our EPP team of experts by phone or email using the information below.



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